Monday, April 04, 2011

Topeng-topeng penipuan

ternampak dalam satu blog luar negara mengenai topeng...
lebih2 lagi topeng teater yang semua orang tahu...
so dari blognya ini yang diperkatakan...

"I found the following poems on comedy and tragedy by Eleanor Roosevelt's aunt, Corrine Roosevelt Robinson:


I am the Comic Muse,
Soft as the summer rain,
Come the children I bear
Out of the breath of my brain;
Love,--and Laughter than lifts,
Joy with the lilt of a song,
Beauty that's born of praise,
And Faith that has righted wrong.
I am the heart of a child,
I am the trust of a maid,
Spirit and passion of man,
Love that is unbetrayed;
I am the Muse that smiles,
Lo! and gladness is rife,
Comedy, I am called,
I am the mirror of Life.


I am the Tragic Muse;
Born of the web of my brain,
Lo! my children shall pass,
Poverty, Pathos, and Pain;
Labor,--and Love forsworn,
Each in their turn I name.
Jealousy, evil born
Sorrow, and Sin and Shame.
I am the World's despair,
I am the heart's despite,
Woven of me is fear,
Shadow of mine is night;
I am the Muse that weeps,
Out of my grief is Strife,
Tragedy, I am called
I am the mirror of Life!
~ Corinne Roosevelt Robinson (1861-1933) "

so even right now i'm in a theater and i'm just making a show to everyone i know but only i knew what i felt right now...





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