Friday, January 14, 2011

pulau? sisih? dingin?

"look sometimes tk semua org leyh accept the way we act,the way we talk and the way we mix around
really hard to make everybody accept the way u really are
but lets take it easy and don't give a damn with all those jerk
ok dear?"

those words are from my best friend yaya<----- (you can go to her blog by clicking her name)

"what ever you do in life just remembered don't take people for granted, dont be too open when u talk with strangers plus adapt to ur environment k
u just do what u have to do
yang lain2 just let it be
if they can't accept ur worst they dont deserve ur best....."

right now you can get the picture..
 kalau x paham jgk just ask me ok?

1 comment:

silent vampire said...

oh my dear bff, sgt terharu membacenye....chayang ko lebih2 :D